St. Francisville

St. Francisville

I meant to post this yesterday, but I forgot! Oh well, it’s up now. This is a Photobomb post from the trip Mr. LL and I took over Labor Day weekend to St. Francisville, LA. It’s a small town with old plantations. We stayed at the B&B at the Greenwood Plantation. We wanted to take the “Mystery Tour” at the Myrtles Plantation, but it poured down rain all Saturday and they only do that tour on Friday and Saturday nights.

Anyway, here are some photos from our stay.

This where we stayed. We stayed in a room on the lower level. Next time we will spend the extra $40 to stay in the bigger/nicer upper level rooms.

This is the plantation at the place we stayed. We didn’t take the tour, though it was included in the price to stay there. Next time.

While I was taking pictures of the big house, this little guy showed up.

He liked us so much that he jumped in our car and got the seats all muddy (we were stocking up on drinks from the drink machine, btw).

We did a lot of walking on the grounds at the plantation.

Mr. LL found this “little” guy while we were walking around on the grounds.

These two decided they could just come into our room. They hung out with us till we went into town to find dinner. We hope they went home.