Happy Holidays

Mr. LL's Family

Mr. LL’s family on Christmas Day


Mom and Karen 2014

My mom and her partner on my mom’s birthday (her birthday is right after 

Sam, me and Mr. LL

My brother, myself and Mr. LL on my mom’s birthday at Dat Dog (NOLA)



Link Love: 09.18.14

I’m trying to cut back (& eventually quit) smoking, and so right now this image appeals to me. Vintage photo of a woman buying a lit cigarette from a vending machine.

I don’t know how to feel about how these ancient Greek statues “really looked”.

This is an interesting read, and full of interesting images, about the U.S.’s fake rooftop towns during WWII.

Speaking of images, check out this collection of these amazing historical photos (some are light-hearted, some are heart breaking).

In more modern historical news, read about the secrets of Stonehenge archeologists recently uncovered.