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Here is a round up of the top posts from September.

Link Love 9.18.14

This isn’t working out

The House that Lars Builint

Follow Friday: The House that Lars Built

I went shopping

Living in a Food City

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the post I did over at Part Time Monster this past month!

OAMG: Lords or Waterdeep


Link Love: 9.4.14

New Orleans circa 1907, Rex Parade. (via Shorpy)

The local alt weekly, Gambit, just came out with their readers’ choice winners, BONO 2014 (Best Of New Orleans). Check it out online (and I did all the lead photos, including the shirt designs).

Voodoo Fest is coming up, and this will be the first year I will pay to go. Usually I work a booth for a few hours in exchange for free weekend passes. Can’t do that this year, but with this line-up, there’s no way I’d miss it.

One of my favorite local artists, at the moment, is Gus Bennett. I love his “Rooms In My Mother’s House” series.

I saw this post about a local Etsy craft party and thought it was pretty cool. I am really obsessed with the place they held it, now. I must find it!

Mr. LL and I have been trying to get over to Abita Springs, LA, to go check out the UCM Museum (Abita Mystery House) since we started dating. I’ve been before and he hasn’t, it’s very cool.

And finally, I will leave you with a video of a commercial for a local business here in NOLA. ENJOY! #lampseverywhere #tellemSparklesentya

Living in a Food City

JuliaChild Quote

I live in New Orleans (well, technically, I don’t anymore–Mr. LL and I moved to the ‘burbs). New Orleans is a city that plays to your vices. If you like to drink, you will drink too much. If you like the “sin of skin”, well there’s plenty of that, too. If you like to eat, be prepared to buy a new wardrobe, because you are going to put on the pounds.

Mr. LL and I drove to a little town in Louisiana over Labor Day weekend (post on that will be coming in the future!), and its complete lack of restaurant choices (not to mention only ONE non-fast food place being open on Sunday!) made me very grateful that we live in a place where we can get any food our little hearts desire.

Not to mention that I’m lazy, so being able to go buy delicious food that’s been prepared for me is right up my alley.

So, today I’m going to share my favorite restaurants and my to-eat bucket list.

[via Yelp]

For Mediterranian food, our favorite place to go is Mona’s Cafe. Most of my out-of-town-friends who are pretty regular visitors to the Crescent City are also huge fans. They have a few locations in the city, but our favorite is the one in Mid-City on Banks St. My go-to order is a gyro and the Lebanese tea. Get any food you want, it’s all delicious, but be sure to get the yummy Lebanese tea.

I haven’t ventured to any other Indian restaurants, so my only recommendation is Nirvana. I’ve been twice, once ordering off the menu (an early date with Mr. LL, and the first time eating there for both of us), and then with my friends Annie and Maile, going through their buffet. The buffet is DEFINITELY the way to go. It’s the best price wise and if you aren’t terribly familiar with Indian cuisine, it gives you a chance to try a little bit of a lot of dishes.

[via Yelp]

We order take-out from Hong Kong Kitchen more than once a month. We went for awhile getting it once a week! It’s a tiny place out in the ‘burbs, by our apartment. I love it, Mr. LL loves it, and while it may not be the fanciest Chinese restaurant around, it is delicious.

[via Yelp]

I have a tie for Mexican food. The Velvet Cactus is wonderful and has a really cool atmosphere. It’s a bit of a drive for us because it’s in Lakeview which another ‘burb community but on the OTHER side of NOLA. They have killer margaritas in addition to delicious food.

The other contender is Taqueria Corona. This one is also a local chain and they have a location right around the coroner from our apartment. I always get the same thing, two shrimp flautas with a side of rice and beans. Their beans are the best I’ve had anywhere. For reals.

[via Yelp]

Oh, Mikimoto, how I love you. This is my all-time favorite sushi restaurant. However, there are actually a TON of sushi restaurants in the Greater New Orleans region, and we love to go to any and all of them. Mikimoto will always have a special place in my heart though, if, for nothing else, their delicious, cold noodle salad.

In the “American/Traditional” category, I like Zea Rotisserie and Grill. We only go there on “date” nights, but I’ve enjoyed every thing I’ve ever gotten there. This place also has multiple locations, but there is one just down the road from our apartment in the ‘burbs, so we go to that one.

My favorite place to go for Creole cuisine is the Gumbo Shop. I don’t go there very often because it is in the French Quarter and it’s a bit pricey, but man is it the best. Seriously, if you want really good New Orleans food, go there.

Other Faves:

  • Dat Dog
  • Camelia Grill
  • Taceaux Loceaux (food truck)
  • The Happy Italian
  • Central Poboy
  • Taste of Tokyo
  • Chipotle (ok ok, it’s not a local place, but it is still delicious)
  • Nonna Mia
  • The Ruby Slipper
  • Breakfast Club
  • Shimmy Shack
  • Little Tokyo
  • Elizabeth’s
  • Juan’s Flying Burrito
  • Angeli on Decatur
  • …and more.


My To-Eat Bucket List:

  • Pizza Delicious
  • Cochon
  • Commander’s Palace
  • Wakin’ Bakin’
  • Refuel
  • Willie Mae’s

That’s all I can think of at the moment, but there are always new places opening and there are so many restaurants here that it’s hard to keep track.

Too soon?

Here in New Orleans, we take costuming very seriously. So, no, to answer my own question, it is NOT too soon to start thinking about, planning and working on my Halloween costume(s).

My first idea is to do Baba Yaga.

I got this image and idea from Take Back Halloween. I love fairy tales and I love witches, and this one just feels right. Who is Baba Yaga? Well, from Take Back Halloween:

Baba Yaga is the legendary witch of Slavic folklore, especially Russian fairy tales. She lives on the edge of the forest in a hut that stands and moves on chicken legs. Baba Yaga herself fills the hut from end to end, stretched out on her stove with her nose growing into the ceiling. She travels through the air in a mortar, pushing herself along with a pestle and sweeping away her tracks with a broom. She also likes to eat people.

Overall I really like their take on the costume and their suggestions for putting it together.  However, I feel like I would add some kinda reference to the mortar and pestle. Also, I would lose the skulls around the shoulders. Instead, I might add something a bit more body part/organ to it. I don’t know.

I feel like this one wouldn’t be a huge hassle to pull off, I could get most of the items needed from my own closet or the thrift store. This would be my “work” costume, and I don’t know how many people would get it, thus hurting my chances in the costume contest. Also, I wonder if I can buy JUST chicken feet?

Link Love 5.15.14

Britt Wilson

When I first moved to New Orleans almost a decade ago (what?!), one of the first things I asked was “What are the liquor laws here?” Are you from a blue-law state too? Well, here’s a list of local knowledge for anyone coming to the Crescent City from outta-town.

In honor of this past weekend’s holiday, watch these people as they react to the interview for the World’s Toughest Job.

Not everyone likes to get a haircut. These photos are hilarious and freak me out slightly. [PUPPY ALERT]

“In Your Eyes” is now stuck in my head. Thanks, chicken.

To quote my friend, Dewey, “Holy shit, that is hilarious/horrible.” (Warning: language is NSFW)

I didn’t cook it: Mona’s and a Crawfish Boil

The last Wednesday of every month, I’m going to share my favorite meal that I didn’t cook with you. I mean, let’s be honest with one another. The laziest form of cooking is to just pay someone to make your food.

This month had a few contenders for the this prestigious honor, and it came down to a three-way tie. BUT I decided to cut one out, because it is a place we go regularly and I want to do it justice with it’s own post one day.

Mona's Cafe (photo via Google Maps)

Mona’s Cafe (photo via Google Maps)

So, first up would be Mr. LL’s birthday dinner, my treat. We went to one of his favorite restaurants (and mine too) Mona’s Cafe. Mona’s is a local chain of Middle Eastern cuisine restaurants, my fave local being in Mid-City. Mr. LL and I like to try out new appetizers (new to us) every time we go, but I think this time we found our favorites. The meat pies and the “cheese pizza” (which is really four amazing cheeses on pita with a TON of herbs and spices). We always get gyros and the Lebanese tea, too. It was delicious as usual!


The other winner was the actual day of Mr. LL’s birthday/Easter Sunday, when we went to his family in Slidell to have a crawfish boil. Before I started seeing Mr. LL, I had never had boiled crawfish or even been to a boil. Now, I look forward to crawfish season every year. Too bad Mr. LL hurt himself that day, but the food was wonderful.

I didn’t cook it: Bobby’s Seafood

3-Lazy Cooking

The last Wednesday of every month, I’m going to share my favorite meal that I didn’t cook with you. I mean, let’s be honest with one another. The laziest form of cooking is to just pay someone to make your food.

Photo snagged off of Google maps.

Photo snagged off of Google maps.

I had a lovely lunch one day this month. Mr. LL and I went and got a large shrimp poboy from Bobby’s Seafood. We’d never been there before, mainly because it kinda looks like an abandoned gas station from the outside and on the weekends it has a bunch of garage sale-looking junk for sale in front of it.

While we waited for the poboy and fries, we looked around and they had so much fresh seafood and seafood dishes to-go, that we will definitely be going back. We then took our food to the levee and watched the barges pass. The poboy was fresh and delicious. The fries were crispy and not too greasy. The weather was wonderful. All in all, it was my favorite meal “I didn’t cook it” meal of the month.