Moustache Party 2014

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DnD, bitches!

(Today’s post is a little late because of life. Sorry.)

This year’s moustache party was a small affair. Basically I just made my DnD group wear staches long enough for me to snap photos of them. Lol.

Laura wasn’t able to make it, her tire fell off her car as she was driving in to the event. 😦

This post is kinda photo heavy but I don’t care. :p Enjoy!


Maile made a cookie cake! I don’t know where she found these awesome sugar staches, but she gave me a pack of my own!

A blurry pic of my figurine, dice and player sheet.

Mr. LL’s figurine that I got him for Xmas.

Germ and Mr. LL

Our gracious hosts.

And Maile! Whom I couldn’t seem to get a pic of when she wasn’t talking.

Last, but not least, Mr. LL and myself. :{D


It’s my birthday and I’ll post what I want to

4c-Photo Bomb

Today is my birthday and it also marks the first of the last 365 days of my twenties.

Every year for the past 5 years I’ve had an annual mustache party. The first four years, the mustache party was in honor of my birthday.





Last year, Annie’s wedding was too close to my birthday for me to want to have the mustache party then. Also, Mr. LL and I decided that from here on out, we want to have our birthdays be private, family affairs. We’re thinking long term and down the road when there might be little Lazy Ladies running around. Anyway, the 2013 Mustache Party ended up being the wedding shower my friends threw me.

So without further ado, here is the photobomb post for the 2013 Mustache Party.

Before I finish this post, I realize that it may be hard to tell that it was a Moustache Party. My hat was custom ordered by the same creator of my hat from last year’s party and it has a detachable mustache. Annie made chocolate staches on sticks and there were mustaches in all the flower vases. Also, we all did wear moustaches for a while, but it became too hard to drink our punch and eat our finger sandwiches so most of them ended up Annie’s fancy cups.

The 4th Annual Mustache Party (Moustache if you’re fancy)

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

I just realized I never posted about the 4th Annual Mustache Party! My bad. It was a blast. I had a ton of fun and there was a good turn out. It did have a kinda “weird” vibe to it, but it didn’t really make it less fun for me. I’m not sure why the vibe was there, or how to describe it really. Anyway, this post is one you all come to see for the pictures, so here are some from that night:

My big brother and I.

Maile and I, her tat is wearing her stache and I have resorted to keeping mine on my finger at this point.

Friends and co-workers=fun.

And my favorite pic of the night. Taken by my friend Georgia on her phone. The Gentleman Friend and I enjoying a dance.

'Til next year!

(Also, the AWESOME moustache hat (which came with a monocle!) was created for me by my friend from Twitter: @tdro You can check out her Etsy shop with tiny hats (and horns) here. She makes soap too!)

2011, You Were a Good Year

Well, it is time to say good-bye to 2011, and I have to say it was a good year. This past year I finally got to see my friend Sara kick ass in roller derby (twice!–though I wish it was more than that), go flavor tripping with my friends, have a fabulous girls’ weekend with the ladies from my WoW guild (The Collective), go back to Chicago–this time with my friends Tricia and Lindsay, and most importantly I met my Gentleman Friend–the man who makes me smile everyday and laugh till it hurts. Not to mention just having fun with friends in general. 🙂

I also got some good things going on this blog. The new daily categories have been working out for me, I think.

So, thank you 2011, for being so awesome.

The Birthday Curse

I’m not sure when it started, but at some point my birthday became somewhat cursed. Things didn’t go right, I wouldn’t have fun and people would end up disappointing and hurting me. This was pretty much the story of my birthday all through out college. Before college, my birthdays weren’t so horrible, but still they weren’t anything terribly special either.

My first birthday after college, in New Orleans, was ok. Not horrible like some of the previous ones (such as the 21st birthday in which my ride left me, and no one had any fun and well…it just sucked), but again nothing special. A few gifts and a cake from my brother and his (at the time) wife. I was grateful for what I got and for the lack of tragedy, but the next year I was determined to have a GREAT f*cking birthday.

So came about the birth of the Moustache Party. I picked a bar with the help of friends, since I didn’t really know a lot of bars yet. The party was supposed to be in celebration of my gift to myself, a moustache tattooed on my index finger. Well the moustache tattoo didn’t happen for stupid reasons, but the party went on nonetheless. It was the best birthday party I had had probably since I was a little kid.

From Moustache Party 2009

So, in 2010, I threw a Moustache Party again. Same place, probably same time? It was just as fun and more magical a birthday! I feel blessed for having two amazing birthdays in a row–curse free!

I don't even know these guys! But lots of people I didn't know joined the party in 2010

I will be having yet another Moustache Party this year. I’m very much looking forward to it, as usual. I hope the good times continue!

Anyway, the point of this post is to share something I learned. Don’t rely on other people to make you feel special. Go out and create the fun and good times yourself! If you do this, then, more than likely, you will not be disappointed. I stopped waiting for people to throw me the party I wanted, and threw it myself, and I’ve never had better birthdays.


On Mondays, I like to set out some goals for the week. This helps me stay focused and feel a little less overwhelmed. However, I don’t beat myself up if I don’t accomplish all I set out to do. I’m only human. A very lazy human.

This week, my focus is to get the apartment ready for company. My birthday is Sunday (the 16th), and Saturday will be the annual Moustache Party at a bar in the Marigny.
I hung up some art yesterday, but not nearly all I wanted to hang. I have about 20 album covers I want to hang, but this time I want to have them framed as opposed to just awkwardly tacked up (not through the covers of course). So that will take some time, as framing aint cheap. That will probably wait till I get my tax return (fingers crossed).

This is just a small selection of the albums I have.

Anyway, so, what I really want to accomplish is getting the front (living room and kitchen) of the apartment company worthy. Really, all I can do at this point is move the boxes into the bedroom, but I want to do this in a way that doesn’t just junk up my bedroom.
It’s a simple goal this week, so hopefully I won’t drop the ball like I did last week (I write this part with a slight scowl towards Mr. Tom Collins, who is napping in my lap at the moment).

Oh, and to find my damn battery charger. Not only will I need it for the blog, but I got the stupid point & click with the Moustache Party in mind. I have a big, nice digital camera but it is not the kind you take out to a bar where you intend to get so drunk that you leave it up to your friends to find you a way home. Unless you are my friend Callie.