Books, Booze & Bajingos: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Last Wednesday night was the monthly meet-up (via Ventrillo) of my book club, Books, Booze & Bajingos. Here is the run down.

This month’s book was Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I had already read this book a few years ago, but it was new to most of the members.

Laura and Jessie were M.I.A. for this meeting, but we decided to carry on without them (I actually got ahold of Laura that night and she was called into work, we found out the next day that Jessie had fallen asleep). We are demanding book reports from them. It was really hard to do this meet-up with just us three and with me having to try to remember a book that I read years ago (although I do love it).

Everyone really enjoyed the book though. The parallels between the story in the “now” and the break in the stream of consciousness to the past really melded for a richer reading experience. Everyone loved the elephant. Hands down. Laura even texted me to tell everyone that she loved the elephant.

We all agreed, though, that it wasn’t abiding by “the rules” as a pick, since it the main character/protagonist is a man. We are going to try to keep future picks to the rule of lady leads.

We got a lot off topic during the meet-up, so I’ll just move on to the pick for this month!

For September, it is Annie’s turn to pick.


Her pick is:

Also, Vaginal Fantasy had it’s meet-up last week. Here is their pick for September: