Progress Report: December

Just checking in to share my progress with the book clubs’ picks for this month.


PROGRESS: Chapter 6

THOUGHTS SO FAR: I forgot, as I started reading this book, that it is set in Australia. Once I remembered/realized that fact, I started reading it in a horrible Australian accent. So far so good, but I wish I could just find time to settle in and read. Maile and Annie are both done. Maile has even read it twice already!



THOUGHTS SO FAR: Well, I own it on Audible. That’s about all of my progress. :/

Are you reading along with either of these book clubs this month? If so, how far are you?


February/March Reading Review


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. F. Baum

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

This was a book I read via the Free Books app on my iPad. It has the entire series! I’ve never read any of them, and I was excited at the opportunity to read them. I really loved ready the original tale of Dorothy and her adventures in Oz. The good ol’ Judy Garland movie did the book justice…to a point. The land of the porcelain people, the story behind the flying monkeys, and the way the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion each ended up ruling different parts of Oz by the end of their journeys were new to me and I loved the way Baum settled the adventurers’ stories. I am really looking forward to the rest of books.

 America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom by Meghan McCain, Michael Ian Black

America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom by Michael Ian Black & Meghan McCain

Confession: I haven’t made much headway with this book yet (or should it be “still”?). I’ll have to give you, my lovely readers, a full review when I finally get back to reading this book and finish it. As it is, too many other books that seemed more appealing have been holding my attention instead.

 How to Save Money at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Cut Spending Read My rating: 1 of 5 stars2 of 5 stars[ 3 of 5 stars ]4 of 5 stars5 of 5 stars How to Save Money at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Cut Spending by Kim Parsell

How to Save Money at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Cut Spending by Kim Parsell

It’s a good thing this book was free. Not that it wasn’t well written or anything of the such! It’s just, if you read a lot of money-saving books and blogs, like I do, then this book doesn’t cover anything new. Honestly, the Economides covered this more thoroughly in their book. Still, it did offer some links to pages I want to check out, but haven’t gotten around to, that she provides to aid her readers in their frugal journey.

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris

I love, love, love the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, but have never really read any of her other work. My mom’s friend loaned the first three (of four, as far as I can tell) books in this series, and as she finished them, she handed them off to me. I gobbled them up. This series is about a woman whom was struck by lightening in her teens. Ever since that fateful incident, she has been able to find the dead and see the scene of their death (but she can’t see who killed someone or anything like that). She’s made a living, with the help of her step-brother, out of capitalizing on this unique ability. She goes around on jobs around the country that require her to either find a dead body or tell/confirm the decease’s cause of death.

In the first novel, a young man is killed, ruled a suicide, and Harper is called in to find his missing girlfriend–whom is believed to be dead. Harper does her job, but is trapped by the mystery around the death of these two love birds and the secrets the small town they lived in holds. Oh how I love paranormal mysteries!

August and September’s Reading Review


Since the hurricane interrupted my schedule, I combined the reviews for August with the ones for September.

America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right On The Money by Steve Economides, Annette Economides

This book is all about how this family has lived frugally and there advice to do what they have done with their money (they paid off their house in 9 years with only one spouse working and kids!). While I wouldn’t do all the things they suggest, I found it a helpful starting point for someone who has never been taught how to manage money. I’ve set up a budget LINK loosely based on their examples and took notes throughout my reading of it. If you have no clue what you are doing (financially) and want to live debt free eventually, then I’d recommend this book.

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

The latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series (or some call it the True Blood series, but the show is NOTHING like the books, in my opinion). It was a fun read for me, however I solved most of the mystery in the book right away and found myself frustrated that the clever Sookie didn’t see the links. Not a lot of sexy times in this book either, which is something that most of the books in the series have a good deal of; however, I was not put off by the lack of heat. It was nice to mentally return to Bon Temps, Lousiana, and catch up with the familiar characters in the series.

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

The second in the All Souls Trilogy, and actually I’m still reading it. So far so good. This series is fun for supernatural fiction fans who also like a bit of history thrown in. SPOILER ALERT In this novel, our main characters have gone back in time to find a witch to teach Diana how to use her powers and to locate the mysterious Ashmole 782–the book that began it all–before it was damaged and hidden. They are faced with the task of trying to fit into Elizabethan times (well Diana is, Matthew is a vampire who lived in the time). It was such an interesting read, and it tempted me to look up and find out if the nuances Ms. Harkness describes of the time were historically accurate (but I’m lazy, so I didn’t). By the end, they have altered history, found Ashmole 782 and learned new details about it, and returned to a changed present day (changed by their actions as well as the passage of time since they left). I was sucked into the book and hated to put it down. I was almost late to work one morning because I woke up and picked up the book! Read the first book, then go get this one (if supernatural fiction is your thing).

A Bad Day’s Work by Nora McFarland

A Bad Day's Work by Nora McFarland

The last of the Reader’s Choice books I had left to read. I actually lost this book for awhile, but found it right before the storm. It was a quick fun read. I’d like it to Janet Evanovich‘s Stephanie Plum novels, but less. Just “less.” It just jumped right into the action and the heroine’s abruptness was also in the plot line. Still, if you like modern mystery novels that throw in a bit of humor, then I recommend picking up this book, the first in its series I do believe. Sorry for the short review. Short read=short review. Thanks for picking this book, my lovely readers!