Happy Yule tidings!

Happy Yule

I hope you are enjoying time with loved ones this day. Blessed be.


Link Love: 12.23.14

Here are some holiday traditions that you can start or just learn about. ūüôā

In Celebration Of Sant Nicholas Day! | GardenMama

Cookie Decorating Party | Paper Oranges

Sexy Stocking | The Dating Divas

Rice Krispie Houses | The Chaos and The Clutter

After this year’s gingerbread house disaster, lol, I think we will try this new tradition next year.

Tips for a Tree Decorating Family Night | Fleece Fun

10 Peculiar Holiday Traditions You May Not Know About | BuzzFeed


Gift Guide: Last Minute

It’s down to the wire and you need a gift! Here are some ideas.


  1. ULTA Gift Card for the ladies (who like make-up and other beauty products)
  2. Ipsy subscription (a monthly subscription service that will send your gift receiver a make-up bag filled with full/luxury sized products)
  3. Nerd Block subscription (a monthly subscription service that will send your gift receiver toys and t-shirts with a different theme each month)
  4. A bottle of wine
  5. Amazon Gift Card
  6. Charitable Donation in their name (and if you live in NOLA, check out this guide filled with the non-profits and charities in the area)

Goal Getter: December 2014


CAREER: 32.5% Complete

  • Photography day (0%)
  • Organize items to sell and store (0%)
  • Keep illustrating, for fun (0%)
  • Reassess¬†my career goals (15%)
  • Look for new opportunities (50%)

Notes: I need to really sit down a evaluate what I want in terms of a career and how to go about achieving those goals.


  • Mail back-payments to grandmother (0%)
  • Make one extra savings deposit (100%)
  • Research cell phones/plans/providers¬†(100%)
  • Save for a new computer¬†(0%)
  • Save for new computer desk(s)¬†(0%)
  • Create a new budget¬†(0%)

Notes: I just cannot afford to pay back my grandmother anytime soon. I hope to pick up where I left off soon, though.

HEALTH: 83.3%

  • Cut back on smoking (25%)
  • Drink more H2O¬†(0%)
  • Follow up with doctor about prescriptions (100%)
  • Walk more (100%)
  • Cook more meals at home (50%)

Notes: Mr. LL and I have been walking 2 to 3 days after work. It’s been really nice and a good time for us to just catch up with each other. The problem with the home cooked meals is the grocery shopping. And the dishes.

HOME: 0% ūüė¶

  • Organize the bathroom¬†(0%)
  • Declutter the kitchen¬†(0%)
  • Organize master closet¬†(0%)

Notes: <.<

BLOG: 23.3%

  • Work on December¬†posts (65%)
    • For¬†Lazy Lady¬†(30%)
    • For¬†Part Time Monster (100%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • Work on January¬†planning (5%)
    • Lazy Lady¬†(10%)
    • Part Time Monster¬†(0%)

Notes: I have some big changes coming in 2015, and I am a lot overwhelmed by January creeping up on me. I need a week, seriously, to get my blogging act together. O.o

New goals are in bold.

Progress Report: December

Just checking in to share my progress with the book clubs’ picks for this month.


PROGRESS: Chapter 6

THOUGHTS SO FAR: I forgot, as I started reading this book, that it is set in Australia. Once I remembered/realized that fact, I started reading it in a horrible Australian accent. So far so good, but I wish I could just find time to settle in and read. Maile and Annie are both done. Maile has even read it twice already!



THOUGHTS SO FAR:¬†Well, I own it on Audible. That’s about all of my progress. :/

Are you reading along with either of these book clubs this month? If so, how far are you?


Link Love: 12.17.14

Whoops! I got my days mixed up! This was supposed to post yesterday, and yesterday’s post was meant for today. Oh well. It’s not the end of the world.

I thought I’d share some holiday decorating ideas, tips and a few items I’d personally love to own and decorate with, from around the internet.

Make This: Merry & Bright Holiday Wall Art DIY | Paper and Stitch

8-Bit LED Holiday Wreath | ThinkGeek

Giant craft stick snowflakes | Crafty nest


Simple Wine Cork Trees | Live Laugh Rowe

Krampus Nutcracker