2014, we say farewell to thee


As 2014 draws to a close, I look back and find myself thinking “huh, not much happened” but that isn’t the whole case. This past year, a few big things did happen, even if there is no physical evidence.

Mr. LL and I tried to begin the hunt for a house. Only to discover that we can’t fufill that dream right now. It was a disheartening experience and some of my fears that were giving me the worst anxiety came true. But all we can do is work harder towards this goal.

We had some other struggles this year with family getting sick. We spent a lot of time in hospitals at one point, this year. Then we spent a lot of time trying to help and encourage people to get better and do better. In the end, you can only help those who are willing to help themselves.

But there were some highlights to 2014, as well.

Mr. LL and I celebrated being married for one year. 🙂 We took a trip to a place we’d never been before (or heard of before) and had an amazing time in Kemah, TX.

Speaking of marriage, my big brother and my friend Diana got married this year, back in March. I now have a new sister and a new nephew in my little side family (speaking comparatively to Mr. LL’s gigantic family).

Mr. LL and I also took a trip to St. Francisville, LA, for some much needed (and last minute) R&R. It was beautiful and quiet. I hope we can go back someday.

I got to stretch my photography skills at my day-job this year, too. That was so much fun and I really hope I get more opportunities to do those kind of projects again.

While we are on the subject of projects, I cannot reflect on 2014 without talking about the biggest thing that happened to me, personally, this year. My friend and former co-worker, Megan Braden-Perry reached out to me to illustrate her first children’s book. It was an amazing experience to work with her and to see this book go through the stages. This project even led another person with a children’s book to contact me to illustrate it (however, after the initial meeting and proposal, I’ve never heard from them again–they weren’t ready to undertake this project, IMO).

Then there are the not so tangible changes that have happened. I’ve been going through a lot of soul searching this past year. There are some big changes in the pipe-line for 2015. Some of them scare the shit out of me. Ok, all the changes I’m going to be brave and undertake next year scare the shit out of me. However, I cannot let fear rule my life, so I just keep reflecting on this quote:

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” -George Addair

So, farewell to 2014. I hope for better things to come in 2015.


Happy Holidays

Mr. LL's Family

Mr. LL’s family on Christmas Day


Mom and Karen 2014

My mom and her partner on my mom’s birthday (her birthday is right after 

Sam, me and Mr. LL

My brother, myself and Mr. LL on my mom’s birthday at Dat Dog (NOLA)


Gift Guide: Last Minute

It’s down to the wire and you need a gift! Here are some ideas.


  1. ULTA Gift Card for the ladies (who like make-up and other beauty products)
  2. Ipsy subscription (a monthly subscription service that will send your gift receiver a make-up bag filled with full/luxury sized products)
  3. Nerd Block subscription (a monthly subscription service that will send your gift receiver toys and t-shirts with a different theme each month)
  4. A bottle of wine
  5. Amazon Gift Card
  6. Charitable Donation in their name (and if you live in NOLA, check out this guide filled with the non-profits and charities in the area)

Dear Santa


For my holiday/birthday wish lists, I like to ask for things I won’t spend money on myself. Some years, I ask for things I really need and cannot afford. Luckily, right now, Mr. LL and I are doing okay. Don’t get me wrong, our finances are pretty tight, but we have room for some “luxury” buys (like the occasional board game 😉 ).

So, here are a few things I’ve been wanting this year. Maybe it will inspire you with some ideas for a Lazy Lady in your life.

  1. Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper and Ice Crusher
  2. Old Navy gift card (I can never seem to bring myself to spend money on new clothes, Mr. LL always needs the clothes budget more than I do)
  3. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar
  4.  Reusable Grocery Bags (Tom, the cat, peed on all of mine; I miss them so much)
  5. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales
  6. Neverending Story Necklace (the link is to a similar version, this one is out of stock, at the moment)
  7. Comixology Gift Card (every now and then, when a really good sale hits, I’ll buy some comics on Comixology; but this is just one “luxury” I long for…a lot)
  8. Pizzazz Nouveau t-shirt

I’ll be doing some Board Game wishlists/gift ideas posts over at Part Time Monster this month, so be sure to check them out!

And the winners are…


Thank you, everyone, so much for the support (both emotional and financial) you have given to Megan and I for our book. The Kickstarter campaign ended Saturday and it was a great success!

And I know you have all been waiting to see who is winning a signed print! Here are the winners:

  1. Julie Condy
  2. lasportsdude
  3. Beth Blankenship
  4. Rahlyn Gossen
  5. Heather Andresen-Metcalf
  6. Victor Pizarro
  7. Elisha
  8. Diana
  9. Erin C
  10. Danielle Boveland

Congratulations!! Please email me at LynTheLazy@gmail.com with the address you want your print mailed to! Those who left a way for me to contact on their comment, I will be emailing today. Thanks, again!

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