Averie Cooks 25 Holiday Cookie Favorites – Averie Cooks

I was toying with the idea of doing a post of Mr. LL and I doing a gingerbread house together. But we did it together, without me stopping us to take photos because that is just what we needed at the moment. We needed some time together making something, laughing at its flaws, and eating the candy decorations as our house fell in on itself. I didn’t want to document it. I wanted to live it. Maybe next year.

So, since I don’t have that post, I thought I’d share this one I saw this morning. I have holiday cookies on the brain and this is a great round up.

Averie Cooks 25 Holiday Cookie Favorites – Averie Cooks.

The end of Ziplist

I got a sad email yesterday. As of Dec. 10th, there is no more Ziplist. The email didn’t say that, exactly, but it did say it will not support the grocery list and recipe box platforms on and after that date. As far as I’m concerned, those platforms ARE Ziplist.

After I wrote that post about The Future of Meal Planning, wherein I went over various online and app provided ways to meal plan and etc., I decided to give Ziplist a try. I didn’t cover it in my piece, but I linked to an article that talked about the best meal planning apps out there.

I admit, I didn’t use it much, but that’s because I get lazy when it comes to meal planning and I’m still working out what works best for me. But I did love that I could just save recipes off of blogs with a button on my browser and know that when I was ready to make them, I could quickly add the ingredients to my grocery list. Heck, I stopped using Pinterest for a lot of recipe saving!

If you use Ziplist, be sure to go export your saved recipes before they are all gone.

I’m sad to see you go, Ziplist.

Trick-Or-Treat: …um, candy?


For this last Trick or Treat? post, I’m am sharing the miscellaneous assortment of candies we got to try out.

Trick-lyn Trick-darrin

These were so gross. Well, I say that but I took a bite of a white zombie, spit it out and never touched the stuff. I would catch Mr. LL eating one or two here and there…come to find out each color is a different flavor and I tried the grossest one. I never got to try any of the others though. Mr. LL assures me that while they were more palatable, the were all still pretty gross.

Treat-lyn Treat-darrin

Lol, I know. You’d think this one would be a “Trick” but they are actually ok. There is one booger in each pack that tastes slightly like soap, but it’s not as strong a soap-taste as some of the gummies we’ve eaten this season. Our only complaint is that you only get three in a pack, but they are designed for trick-or-treaters.

Treat-lyn Treat-darrin

These are so delicious!!! We both strongly dislike traditional candy corn. We also both really like Starbursts. So we picked these up, skeptically, to see what was going on with this candy. It’s exactly what it seems, to be honest; Starburst’s flavors with candy corn texture. They are so good. I highly recommend you snag a bag this Halloween, before it is too late.

Trick-lyn Trick-darrin

Who wants a tasteless GIANT gummy thing covered in a diabetes-inducing slime? Not this lazy lady, not ever again. Mr. LL and I each ate one and then threw them away. Ugh. So gross. Also, the gummy creatures inside these small jars are HUGE! Do not let the small packaging fool you!

Now that this season is coming to an end, I do not want any more candy. Ugh. I think I need to go on a sugar cleanse.

Who am I kidding. I have a mini Snickers at my desk right now. Be safe with your Trick-or-Treating this year, no matter your age. 🙂


Trick-Or-Treat: Zombie Cookies



We found this sugar cookie kit at Target, and of course we were going to make us some zombie cookies. I was super excited at the idea of  making/decorating one to look like Michael Jackson from Thriller.

However, things did not go as planned.

Trick-lyn Trick-darrin


The dough was a joke. It was so sticky and every time we added more flour, it would just absorb it. After the first time, we put it back in the fridge for another hour, having already let it chill for one hour. The next time, it was just piling on more and more flour till I got so frustrated I just grabbed handful after handful and threw them on the cookie pan.

The result was salty/sweet green biscuits.

Oh and the icing it had you make? Yeah, that didn’t work either.

I think that one was my fault though. Our butter got pretty melty and I think it caused the icing to separate. Bleah. However, they provide two tubes of pre-made icing, so we decorated our biscuits with that. I tried to make body parts out of the random shapes we had, so that they were still somewhat “creepy” or “Halloween-y”.

Meh-lyn Meh-darrin

After they cooled completely and decorated, they were actually pretty tasty. But for the frustration and disappointment this kit caused, I still consider it a…

At least now we have zombie cookie cutters. Next week will be a lot of random candies we’ve found!

Trick-Or-Treat: Gummies


Mr. LL and I found these gummy candies at Target when we were shopping around for seasonal snacks/candy to try on the blog. They looked fun and gross, so we thought we’d give them a shot! We have Zombie Bacon, Gummy Snakes, and Gummy Tongues.

Trick-lyn Trick-darrin

I think these taste like soap. Not only do they taste like soap, but they are so thick that it hurts my jaw to even try to eat a bite of one them. Mr. LL likes to play with them though, and while he’s still trying to eat them, I think they’ll end up in the trash.

Trick-lyn Meh-darrin

These also taste like soap to me. Through some very scientific research that involved having Mr. LL be my guinea pig because I refused to bite into the soap gummies agains, we discovered that it is the combination of the opaque gummy bottom with the more translucent gummy tops (whatever those recipes/flavors would be) that make the soap taste. If you nibble on the different gummy types separately, then they taste like normal gummy candies. I still won’t eat them. Mr. LL likes them ok, but I think he just wants to play with them more than he likes eating them.

Treat-lyn Treat-darrin

I saved the best for last. Ya’ll, this is some seriously good and completely addictive candy. It was completely gone within hours of its opening. I’m tempted to go get some more. If you have a Target by you, go get some. Trust me.

Next week, Mr. LL and I try to make zombie cookies!