Dear Santa


For my holiday/birthday wish lists, I like to ask for things I won’t spend money on myself. Some years, I ask for things I really need and cannot afford. Luckily, right now, Mr. LL and I are doing okay. Don’t get me wrong, our finances are pretty tight, but we have room for some “luxury” buys (like the occasional board game 😉 ).

So, here are a few things I’ve been wanting this year. Maybe it will inspire you with some ideas for a Lazy Lady in your life.

  1. Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper and Ice Crusher
  2. Old Navy gift card (I can never seem to bring myself to spend money on new clothes, Mr. LL always needs the clothes budget more than I do)
  3. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Cookie Jar
  4.  Reusable Grocery Bags (Tom, the cat, peed on all of mine; I miss them so much)
  5. Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales
  6. Neverending Story Necklace (the link is to a similar version, this one is out of stock, at the moment)
  7. Comixology Gift Card (every now and then, when a really good sale hits, I’ll buy some comics on Comixology; but this is just one “luxury” I long for…a lot)
  8. Pizzazz Nouveau t-shirt

I’ll be doing some Board Game wishlists/gift ideas posts over at Part Time Monster this month, so be sure to check them out!


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