The end of Ziplist

I got a sad email yesterday. As of Dec. 10th, there is no more Ziplist. The email didn’t say that, exactly, but it did say it will not support the grocery list and recipe box platforms on and after that date. As far as I’m concerned, those platforms ARE Ziplist.

After I wrote that post about The Future of Meal Planning, wherein I went over various online and app provided ways to meal plan and etc., I decided to give Ziplist a try. I didn’t cover it in my piece, but I linked to an article that talked about the best meal planning apps out there.

I admit, I didn’t use it much, but that’s because I get lazy when it comes to meal planning and I’m still working out what works best for me. But I did love that I could just save recipes off of blogs with a button on my browser and know that when I was ready to make them, I could quickly add the ingredients to my grocery list. Heck, I stopped using Pinterest for a lot of recipe saving!

If you use Ziplist, be sure to go export your saved recipes before they are all gone.

I’m sad to see you go, Ziplist.

4 thoughts on “The end of Ziplist

  1. Be sure to take a look at BigOven, at You can add grocery items and then sync with the free mobile apps. (Saving more than 25 recipes requires Pro membership, but removes all ads and unlocks a ton of additional features for less than $1.60/month.)


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