Goal Getter: November 2014


I changed my mind about this being a Monday post. I’m going to post it on Mondays when I’m not doing a theme month or something, but otherwise, it is going to go up on a Saturday.

CAREER: 0% Complete

  • Photography day (0%)
  • Organize items to sell and store (0%)
  • Keep illustrating, for fun (0%)

Notes: I finished my illustration freelance for the moment, so now I am shifting focus to our ebay-endeavors.


  • Mail back-payments to grandmother (0%)
  • Make one extra savings deposit (0%)
  • Research cell phones/plans/providers (70%)
  • Save for a new computer (0%)
  • Save for new computer desk(s) (0%)
  • Create a new budget (0%)

Notes: Times are getting crazy! But I’m not going to just take these goals off till after the holidays. I really need to sit down and work on them. I’m almost done with the phone search though. I have one in mind and it has a great plan, I just have to commit.


  • Go to the doctor (DONE!)
  • Go over and renew my health insurance (DONE!)
  • Research local gyms (0%)
  • Get a trial membership at a gym (0%)
  • Cut back on smoking (25%)
  • Drink more H2O (0%)
  • Follow up with doctor about prescriptions (50%)

Notes: We do NOT have the finances for a gym membership right now.

HOME: 0% 😦

  • Organize the bathroom (0%)
  • Declutter the kitchen (0%)
  • Organize master closet (0%)

Notes: >.>

BLOG: 4.17%

  • Work on November posts (12.5%)
    • For Lazy Lady (25%)
    • For Part Time Monster (0%)
  • Photo day (0%)
  • Work on December planning
    • Lazy Lady (0%)
    • Part Time Monster (0%)

Notes: This one seems worse than it is in reality. I feel caught up and on-point with my blogging obligations; I just want to get ahead.

New goals are in bold.


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