Trick-Or-Treat: Zombie Cookies



We found this sugar cookie kit at Target, and of course we were going to make us some zombie cookies. I was super excited at the idea of  making/decorating one to look like Michael Jackson from Thriller.

However, things did not go as planned.

Trick-lyn Trick-darrin


The dough was a joke. It was so sticky and every time we added more flour, it would just absorb it. After the first time, we put it back in the fridge for another hour, having already let it chill for one hour. The next time, it was just piling on more and more flour till I got so frustrated I just grabbed handful after handful and threw them on the cookie pan.

The result was salty/sweet green biscuits.

Oh and the icing it had you make? Yeah, that didn’t work either.

I think that one was my fault though. Our butter got pretty melty and I think it caused the icing to separate. Bleah. However, they provide two tubes of pre-made icing, so we decorated our biscuits with that. I tried to make body parts out of the random shapes we had, so that they were still somewhat “creepy” or “Halloween-y”.

Meh-lyn Meh-darrin

After they cooled completely and decorated, they were actually pretty tasty. But for the frustration and disappointment this kit caused, I still consider it a…

At least now we have zombie cookie cutters. Next week will be a lot of random candies we’ve found!