Link Love: 09.11.14

This kid is seriously amazing. He is 8 years old, completed a mini-triathlon, and he carried his six year old brother, who cannot walk, with him the entire way.

Kandee Johnson had a great post about embracing the weird and also, letting go “style-racism” so you can embrace everyone’s fashion choices.

The Clueless Girl’s Guide has a great series called “Rad Girl/Rad Gig” and I really enjoyed reading about Angela Szafranko, who is an animator and just a cool lady.

I want this amazing secret maze framed and on my wall, please. Read about the amazing, and so far it seems, unsolvable maze that took 7 years to make and was kept secret for 30 years.

Looking for something to read? Why not pick something from David Bowie’s list of top 100 books?


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