I went shopping

I wanted to do this post last month, when it would have been more timely, but life just didn’t work with me. However untimely this post may be, I still want to share my new pretty things with you all.

Back in August, two shops I love had HUGE sales. The stars aligned and for once I had some extra money right when the sales hit. I’m no fashion blogger, but I hope you’ll indulge me as I share my new frocks.

Trashy Diva dress (from my wedding, not a new frock). [Photo by Maile Lani]

Trashy Diva is a local boutique that specializes in vintage-inspired apparel. I purchased my wedding dress from them. I love Trashy Diva’s dresses, but with prices ranging from $108-$275 I’ve never been able to purchase more dresses. So, when they sprung an extra 50% off their sale pieces, I jumped on it.

[via Trashy Diva]

Originally $108, I got this beauty for $53.88.

I knew this sale was coming, so I had already looked up all the dresses that were available in my size (that way I could snatch them up when the sale went live). A coworker who was also anticipating the sale sent me a text after work when the sale began. I hopped online, filled my cart and then fate decided to calm my spending down by sending me and Mr. LL out to do some family stuff before I could place my order. When we got back home, this yellow dress was all that was left in my size. However, it was one of my favorites so I can’t complain.

The next day, Mod Cloth had  70% off their sale items! I’ve long stalked the Mod Cloth website, but never purchased anything. I decided this would be the day to bite the bullet. I bought two dresses, a jacket and two pairs of shoes.


[via Mod Cloth]

Originally  $159.99, I got it for $47.99.

Mod Cloth’s prices scare me away, too. So I figured at these prices, I could check this desire off my bucket list. This dress is Mr. LL’s [second] favorite dress of mine now. I love it two. It’s very flattering on my figure and I love the feel of the fabric.

[via Mod Cloth]

Originally  $124.99, I got it for $37.99.

Mr. LL is not a fan of this dress, lol. He calls it my Wheel of Fortune/Trivial Pursuit dress…and I’m totally fine with both of those comparisons. It’s a fun dress. Not my favorite in my closet, but I like it.

I’m not going to go over the jacket and shoes, mainly because I’m lazy and just want to talk about dresses.

[via Target]

[via Target]

Before both of these sales, I went shopping at Target and got two of my all time favorite dresses that I wear all the time now.

There is a black and white striped one that is Mr. LL’s favorite (couldn’t find a photo), but the purple one (pictured) is my favorite.

Have you gotten bit by the shopping bug lately?


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