Oops, I did it again

I dropped the ball hard last week. The next few weeks at my work are crazy, and last week was, too. Sorry about that everyone. Please hang in there with me while I try to hang on to my sanity. I am going to do my best to keep up with the blog.

I have some fun posts lined up and I really want to get them photographed, written, built and posted on the days I’ve scheduled for them. I also have a my monthly board game review to work on for Part Time Monster.

And in all the crazy that is going on with work, freelance, family obligations, I’ve been really trying to carve out some time for myself. Even if it’s just 40 minutes to watch a show and paint my nails. I really need to prioritize some self-care. When I get overwhelmed, one of the very first things to go by the wayside is my personal well being. I eat horribly, my hair stays up in a constant ponytail/hair clip, I wear the first thing I see, my make-up doesn’t get done, etc. All this bad treatment (you may say “how is not wearing make-up ‘bad’ for you?” What I mean is that I just give no shits about my personal appearance or sometimes cleanliness) to my body usually ends up with me getting sick. I have the immune system of…someone/something that gets sick a lot. A LOT. So, making “me” a priority is important (I’ve slowly come to realize).

I hope I can keep up with life this week!