Diana, over at Part Time Monster, did this post FOREVER AGO. I wanted to do it then, but had others things planned. So, now I can get to it!

This is just a fun post about 21 things I don’t particularly care for.

  1. Zombies. Hate them. HATE.
  2. Feet. Not a fan. Poor Mr. LL always wants his sore footsies rubbed and I just squirm.
  3. ALL CAPS IN AN EMAIL OR TEXT MESSAGE. Seriously, unless you would literally yell what you are saying to me, don’t use it.
  4. The font Comic Sans. It’s not cute.
  5. While we are on the topic, the font Curlz. These two fonts, seriously, need to be retired.
  6. Putting images in your professional email signature. I get a lot of emails, as a graphic designer, that have images attached to them for use in ads, promotional pieces, editorial, etc. I cannot stand having to deal with accidentally downloading your stupid image or being duped into thinking that you did attach what I needed, but only to find the only attachment is your signature.
  7. My slowly-developing lactose intolerance. 😦 The older I get, the less dairy I can consume.
  8. Needles. I hate having blood work done or getting shots. I’ve been better about it as I’ve gotten older, but I still can’t look.
  9. Surgery. I’ve been putting off my wisdom teeth for over a decade now. >.>
  10. People who flake. Seriously, if you say you’re down for something, then do it. If you know you are gonna hermit-out, then don’t commit. Simple as that. Now, I flake too, but it’s usually because my schedule and Mr. LL’s is never stable and reliable (especially these days).
  11. White objects shot on a white background. If you are going for something artsy, go for it. But if I have to cut out said-object, use a contrasting background!
  12. When someone takes FOREVER to respond to my text or email, and then get in a huff when I don’t immediately respond to them. Hey, I sent that to you when I was available and now, hours/days/weeks later, I’m not available to stop what I’m doing and reply.
  13. How long it takes for my ipsy package to arrive. I wish I got it at the start of the month.
  14. How Birchbox, suddenly, started having amazing boxes now that I’ve cancelled my subscription.
  15. When my hands just feel dirty. I’m not OCD by any means, but when my hands just feel dirty, I cannot function. I have to go wash them.
  16. Same goes for my feet. And living in the South, where wearing sandals and flip-flops is an almost everyday necessity, my feet get pretty dirty. #grocerystorefeet
  17. Having to cancel plans. Unless I really didn’t want to do it in the first place.
  18. Driving to a place I’ve never been to before, especially if it’s in the French Quarter.
  19. Having to meet friends, by myself, in the French Quarter. (I don’t know that I “irrationally hate” this one, as much as it gives me HUGE anxiety.)
  20. Not being able to find a pen/pencil. And I don’t mean not being able to find a writing instrument. I mean not being able to find a pen when I want to use a pen, and not being able to find a pencil when I specifically need a pencil.
  21. Never being able to find cute things with my name on them (my name is LYN, spelled with one N; everything with my name on it is spelled LYNN).


  1. I hate sharing/losing my pens. One time, I accidentally left one of my pens in a common area of the office, and now another woman has claimed it, and every time I see her with it, I wanna be like “That’s my pen!!!” but then I have to calm myself and remember that finding pens is a struggle we all share and I should be more generous.


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