Follow Friday: Nubby Twiglet

My new weekly post, Follow Friday, in which I share a blog that I personally subscribe to and I want to recommend to you!

Nubby Twiglet

This week, I am recommending Nubby Twiglet. Years and years ago, when a coworker suggested this blog to me, I was not having it. I thought the name was done and that she was pretentious. Why I thought any of this, I have no recollection (although it is a silly name, IMO). I LOVE this blog. It is written and designed by Shauna Haider. She is a woman who wears many hats.

via Nubby Twiglet

Shauna’s message from her “About” page:

Hello! My name is Shauna Haider and I am a creative director, teacher and blogger residing in Portland, Oregon. Madly in love with blogging since 2001, I have a passion for sharing insights about design, personal style and the city I call home. Beneath the surface of the tightly curated visuals that fill my posts (I own a boutique design studio) is a message focused on embracing individuality. I encourage my audience to own their unique quirks and live a life that rings true to their personal style and values. My blog is a reminder that we can live beautifully designed lives without becoming slaves to the nonstop cycle of fads and trends.

Also, I wanted to share her “Manifesto” from her “About” page, as well:

Are you a creative who’s passionate about the aesthetics in your daily life? Does design play an integral role in your personal expression? Then you’ve come to the right place. Nubby Twiglet was founded in 2007 under the guise that we should embrace our individuality in order to live a unique, inspired existence. As creatives, our lives are multi-faceted and expression ruminates from everywhere including our surroundings, careers and travels. Why should we separate our lives into bite-sized pieces when we can live it as one, inspiring whole? Come as you are, take charge and embrace a lifestyle that leaves you personally fulfilled.

I got the idea for my Link Love posts from her blog. She does it way better than I do. Also, as a graphic designer, I love the design and the guidance Shauna shares on her blog.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite posts, and they are (I feel) representative of the great variety her blog has to offer.

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