Follow Friday: The Lonely D12

My new weekly post, Follow Friday, in which I share a blog that I personally subscribe to and I want to recommend to you!

This week, I am recommending The Lonely D12! This blog is fairly new to my subscriptions. I discovered it via a comment on one of my tabletop game reviews over at Part-Time Monster. One of the writers for this collaborative blog commented on my King of Tokyo post and I checked out the blog. I’ve been hooked ever since and it is now one of my all-time favorite blogs.

There are four writers for The Lonely D12. Jamie, John, Luke and Ric. Check out their indvidual “About” pages by clicking on the links. Here is the blurb from the overall blog’s “About” page:

The Lonely D12 was conceived under the notion that table top RPG gamers needed a place to find resources and content for their games. That GMs may need advice, a laugh or reassurance that it is not only their game that is going up in flames.

We are striving to be a resource for nerdy people who want to share what they love about RPGs. A place where beginning players and GMs can find support from experienced players and everyone can cultivate new ideas of how to take over the world… or become a great supportive community.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite posts, and I hope you find them as great as I do.

The Most Interesting NPC In The World (and my ALL TIME favorite blog post ever)

Dungeons and Dragons: The Birthday party

Growing Beyond The Murder Hobos (this one is actually a three-parter; I’m only linking to part one here, but you should totally check out all of them!)

Book Takes: Under The Empyrean Sky

[image, used in the blog, is by Mike Krahulik] House Rules – The Murphy

Come back next week and I’ll have another blog for you to discover!


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