Link Love: 7.24.14

As a child growing up, I always found my Barbie’s wardrobe limiting. Don’t have to worry about that now with 3D printing. Check out Barbie’s 3D Printed Armor (hey Mom, I could have my lady knight finally!)

To say I’ve lost my faith in the Supreme Court of the U.S. is an understatement. Now that Hobby Lobby is apparently a church (that has permanently lost my business), the Huffington Post posted this of 14 Companies That Will Likely Deny Birth Control, as well.

Do you know who Sarah Rector was? You should find out.

Here’s an article about the True Price of Fashion that won’t leave you feeling like you should throw away your Old Navy jeans, or your Target dresses.

I was very impressed when I read about Taryn Brumfitt, a (now former) body builder who decided to keep her “mother” body after she gave birth.

Check out these artist renderings of a Barbie doll, but with realistic proportions. I hope this is the kind of toy my future-if-ever daughter will get to play with as she grows up.


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