Too soon?

Here in New Orleans, we take costuming very seriously. So, no, to answer my own question, it is NOT too soon to start thinking about, planning and working on my Halloween costume(s).

My first idea is to do Baba Yaga.

I got this image and idea from Take Back Halloween. I love fairy tales and I love witches, and this one just feels right. Who is Baba Yaga? Well, from Take Back Halloween:

Baba Yaga is the legendary witch of Slavic folklore, especially Russian fairy tales. She lives on the edge of the forest in a hut that stands and moves on chicken legs. Baba Yaga herself fills the hut from end to end, stretched out on her stove with her nose growing into the ceiling. She travels through the air in a mortar, pushing herself along with a pestle and sweeping away her tracks with a broom. She also likes to eat people.

Overall I really like their take on the costume and their suggestions for putting it together.  However, I feel like I would add some kinda reference to the mortar and pestle. Also, I would lose the skulls around the shoulders. Instead, I might add something a bit more body part/organ to it. I don’t know.

I feel like this one wouldn’t be a huge hassle to pull off, I could get most of the items needed from my own closet or the thrift store. This would be my “work” costume, and I don’t know how many people would get it, thus hurting my chances in the costume contest. Also, I wonder if I can buy JUST chicken feet?


3 thoughts on “Too soon?

  1. So fun! I’ve considered Baba Yaga before, too—and that is an awesome costume!

    Haven’t started thinking about this year’s yet, but I will be soon!


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