Follow Friday: Sourcerer Blog

My new weekly post, Follow Friday, in which I share a blog that I personally subscribe to and I want to recommend to you!

This week, I am recommending Sourcerer Blog! It is a collective blog, run by Gene’O from The Writing Catalog. Part Time Monster is a member of the Sourcerer family.


I don’t really know how to describe Sourcerer. It is so many posts by so many authors, on so many different topics, but it’s all really great stuff! Here’s from the blog’s “About” page:

Sourcerer, a blog about television, literature, gaming, the social sciences, and other geeky stuff managed by Gene’O. Sourcerer is also designed to be a collaborative blog. We began publishing the work of contributors in January, 2014.

I couldn’t sum it up better. I’m going to post a series of links to some of my favorite, recent-ish posts for you. You should definitely go check them out!

Summer Reading Recommendations – Marvel Comics by COMPGEEKDAVID

10 Memorable Fantasy Books and Series: Top Ten Tuesday by SOURCERER

Efficient Blogging: The Power of Features by SOURCERER

Come back next week  and I’ll have another blog for you to discover!

6 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Sourcerer Blog

  1. Thanks very much for this. Nice picks. We’ve had a good run of posting lately. And thanks for this great idea! I’d never have thought to do it on the blog if not for you. I’m not doing one today, but I’m starting them back up next week.


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