I didn’t cook it: Taco Cabana

The last Wednesday of every month, I’m going to share my favorite meal that I didn’t cook with you. I mean, let’s be honest with one another. The laziest form of cooking is to just pay someone to make your food.

This is actually a photo of the one in Dallas, but it looks just like the one in Kemah where we stayed. [Photo: Andreas Praefcke]

On the trip to Texas Mr. LL and I took last week, we ate at a couple of very tasty places, however I will never get the first place we ate once we arrived out of my mind. Taco Cabana. We were an hour early for check-in to our condo, a tad grumpy/butt-sore from being in a car for 6 hours, and very, very hungry. After we found our condo, we turned around and scanned the horizon for something close that wasn’t too fast food-y/chain-restaurant that we could have just as easily gotten back home. That’s when we saw Taco Cabana, just across the highway we came in on.

I admit, at first I was a bit “meh” about getting Mexican food; but I knew that Mr. LL would like it, and since he had done all the driving (while I was a worry-wort passenger), I wanted him to be happy.

You. Guys.

This place needs to open in Louisiana, right by my apartment, tomorrow. I got the brisket taco combo (it comes with two soft tacos, chips and queso, plus a drink) and it was SO FREAKING GOOD that I didn’t even put anything on it. They have a little “salsa”/sauce bar for you to dress up your food, but honestly, the brisket was just that good. Oh, and they make their tortillas right there! Seriously! You can watch them! Mr. LL got the steak fajita combo, and it had great flavor, but was a little chewy.

Oh, and they have a breakfast menu. We told ourselves that would go back (especially to try out their breakfast), but we never did.

I miss you, Taco Cabana.