I’m alive!

So, yesterday was crazy for me. Sorry I never got around to writing a post. This is going to be a day-late, mini-Miscellaneous-Monday post. My May book reviews will go up later today.

Last week, I took off from work and the blog to have a little down time away from a computer. Mr. LL and I agreed a little while back that we both needed a vacation. He’s been working full time AND working some nights after work as well as all day on both Saturdays and Sundays for a few months now. I’ve been busy working my full time job and on Lazy Lady and my contributions to Part Time Monster. We had to wait till Mr. LL would be able to get some vacation time in order to take any time off, so last week was just after a year for him at his current job. He couldn’t take off the entire week, like me, but he managed to get Thursday and Friday off.

Monday thru Wednesday, I spent my days CLEANING OUR ENTIRE APARTMENT. That’s right, you heard read me. This Lazy Lady was un-lazy for three whole days. Impressed? I thought so. We had been talking about getting a fancy hotel room in the French Quarter or something for the days he had off; I wanted to have the apartment as clean as I could get it, so that when we came home it wouldn’t be returning to a feeling of “ugh, back to this mess.”

However, there was a slight change of plans. Tuesday night, Mr. LL surprised me with “let’s go out of town, I mean it. I’ll drive.” So we looked up places to go that weren’t too bad a drive. Then we found a room for two nights that had a really good rate, and I booked it Wednesday morning. That’s how we ended up in Texas Thursday-Saturday.

I’ll be posting a Photo Bomb post on Thursday with my pix from the trip. 🙂

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend.