Lazy Lady got hitched

I meant to write this post for yesterday, but it was a busy weekend and then yesterday I just couldn’t get my act together!

Actually, I’m trying to write it now and I just can’t seem to find the words.

It has been a year (and 4 days 😉 ) since I married Mr. LL. I don’t even know where to begin with this post! You’ve all read it before. I am extremely fortunate to have met someone who “gets” me, shares my interests, introduces me to new ones, supports me, makes me laugh, holds me when I’m sad and just all-around makes me the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.

So, just real quick, I’m going to post a reblog of the post I wrote about our wedding.

Lazy Lady

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(All the photos in this post were taken by Maile Lani Photography)

Mr. LL and I had been talking about getting married for a long while before we actually got officially engaged. We always said we wanted to just do the courthouse thing. We never wanted anything other than us and a judge. We talked about having a reception, having a party after the appointment at the courthouse. I had talked about the idea of us getting married on or as close as possible to our first-date anniversary in October.

After my bestie got hitched, Mr. LL got the wedding bug bad. No joke. It seemed like we never stopped talking about weddings, hers or the one we’ve been dreaming about for a while. So, the “official” engagement happened. It wasn’t so much of a proposal event. We just were talking one night and said something along the…

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