Trying to figure this all out

This past week I spent $66.13 on groceries, this includes non-food groceries. My grocery routine has become me going to Dollar General first and then Winn-Dixie. I used to hate DG, but then I discovered one that didn’t feel/smell like the inside of a gym shoe. I still am not crazy about DG, honestly. One day last year, I drove around to Winn-Dixie, DG, Dollar Tree and Walmart and did price comparisons of products we buy on a regular basis. DG was THE MOST EXPENSIVE! Can you believe it? However, there are a handful of items that I do pick up there because it is a better buy.

I love travel coffee mugs. I am slightly addicted to them. However, I still have to buy disposable travel mugs because someone (cough, Mr. LL, cough) can’t seem to bring them home when I send him off with one. Ever. He’s even had one RUN OVER BY A FORK-LIFT. So, while for most people having reusable travel mugs would be the most cost-effective way to go, not for us. Dollar General has bigger and cheaper disposable coffee cups than Winn-Dixie. This is the main reason I go there. Also, the same brand of sandwich crackers I buy at Winn-Dixie for Mr. LL’s lunches (and sometimes mine) is cheaper for more. So, I’ll go to DG for those items, and Poptarts if they are on my list and not on sale at W-D.

And that is just what I did this week. I went to Dollar general, got a 12-pack of coffee cups, two boxes of Poptarts and 3 “boxes” of sandwich crackers for $10.13. Then I moved on to Winn-Dixie for the main shopping. I got some sausage to make a dish that I just realized I’ve never featured on here! I also got the ingredients for ANOTHER new recipe I’m going to share here next week. EXCITING. Both of these recipes are SUPER easy to make and great for when you feel like doing practically nothing to make dinner. Promise.

Everything I purchased at W-D was food. Some of it was restocking (cheese, butter, etc.) the rest was for meals for this week. So I spent $63.48 on just food and $2.65. Not exactly the $30 a week I wanted to spend on food items. I just feel like I shouldn’t spend $60 to feed TWO people! I need to rethink some things. Either what I’m buying or what is a realistic expectation to feed two people for 7-ish days. I mean, we eat two meals a day (breakfast is a maybe not a definite), so $65 divided by 7 (days) is around $9 a day. Divide that by two (meals per day) and it’s like $4.50 a meal. DIVIDE THAT BY TWO (people) and that means I’m spending $2.25 a meal. Ok, so maybe $65 a week for two people isn’t too crazy. MATH.


Sorry about that math session. But I’m just working out my feelings and OBVIOUSLY unrealistic goals for grocery spending. Now to figure out how to set aside for the non-food items. Budgeting is hard, y’all.

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