I didn’t cook it: Mona’s and a Crawfish Boil

The last Wednesday of every month, I’m going to share my favorite meal that I didn’t cook with you. I mean, let’s be honest with one another. The laziest form of cooking is to just pay someone to make your food.

This month had a few contenders for the this prestigious honor, and it came down to a three-way tie. BUT I decided to cut one out, because it is a place we go regularly and I want to do it justice with it’s own post one day.

Mona's Cafe (photo via Google Maps)

Mona’s Cafe (photo via Google Maps)

So, first up would be Mr. LL’s birthday dinner, my treat. We went to one of his favorite restaurants (and mine too) Mona’s Cafe. Mona’s is a local chain of Middle Eastern cuisine restaurants, my fave local being in Mid-City. Mr. LL and I like to try out new appetizers (new to us) every time we go, but I think this time we found our favorites. The meat pies and the “cheese pizza” (which is really four amazing cheeses on pita with a TON of herbs and spices). We always get gyros and the Lebanese tea, too. It was delicious as usual!


The other winner was the actual day of Mr. LL’s birthday/Easter Sunday, when we went to his family in Slidell to have a crawfish boil. Before I started seeing Mr. LL, I had never had boiled crawfish or even been to a boil. Now, I look forward to crawfish season every year. Too bad Mr. LL hurt himself that day, but the food was wonderful.


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