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Yesterday was Mr. LL’s birthday (in addition to being Easter) and so we had a very busy weekend.

I had been planning the whole day of Mr. LL’s birthday for months, only to be thrown a curve ball last minute. Mr. LL’s family was having a crawfish boil on Sunday and wanted us to come. We hadn’t seen them in a good minute, so we knew we had to go. Plus, they wanted to celebrate his birthday, too.

So, I redid my day for Saturday and we still had a good time (I totally pouted for an entire afternoon last week when I had to rework my plans, not gonna lie). I woke him up blaring “The Circle of Life” (The Lion King is one of his favorite movies). I got him out of bed and it was off to breakfast.

Since Mr. LL has been doing side work on the weekends, we haven’t been able to do our unofficial weekend ritual of going to our favorite breakfast joint, Breakfast Club. It’s just a local diner, but we love to go there for breakfast.

We stopped by my mom’s on the way home and she and Karen gave Mr. LL his Easter basket/Birthday gift. Then we went home and I told Mr. LL that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted, including spending the day playing Diablo III (he just got the new expansion a week ago). So, that’s what he did and I just played on the iPad and watched TV.

Oh, but before he got sucked into his game, I gave him my gifts. A new pair of Steve Madden shoes, purple loafers to be exact. When we met he had a pair that have long since been destroyed. He’s been looking for a pair to replace them ever since. And I also gave him a new bottle of Kenneth Cole’s Black cologne.

That evening we went to dinner at Mona’s, one of our favorite restaurants. It was a great day, if I do say so myself, and Mr. LL says so, too.

Sunday, at the crawfish boil, we had a lot of fun with his family. Too much fun, really, as Mr. LL hurt his knee pretty bad while playing baseball in the street. He’s going to be limping for a bit, but we hope it isn’t too serious.

What did you do this weekend?


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