Link Love 4.17.14

The past and the present merge in Chino Otsuka’s amazing Photoshop creations.

Ever wanted a pet dinosaur? Find which dino fits your lifestyle with this handy Dinosaur Pet Guide by Jon Conway.

I hope that if I or my loved ones ever suffer from dementia, there is a place like Hogeway “Dementia Village” in the U.S. when the time comes (it’s in the Netherlands).

Here’s a story of a pretty amazing, bad ass, young woman; meet Aiya Van Kooten, who scared burglars in her home with just her own pure rage.

Do you work/blog/write from home? Sometimes it’s just too quiet but you know you just don’t want the distraction of other music, the t.v. or what have you. Well, let me introduce you to Coffitivity; listen to the sounds of the coffee shop, but without having to get dressed and go to one.

I want these salt and pepper shakers soooo bad.

Speaking of want, I would frame all of these (well, almost all) Art Nouveua inspired illustrations of 80’s/90’s bad-ass ladies and hang them in my home (the artist is kishokahime).