See you in the funny papers

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Lazy Lady

It’s been just around 4 years since I have done any journal comics. I loved doing them, but I just got burned out on them. Also, I think I was getting frustrated with the inconsistency of my illustrations. However, I’m missing it. I miss the creative outlet and the practice. I’ve found that my illustration work has gotten rusty since I don’t draw as often.

I’ve been wanting to do a Sunday post on here that would be just a once-a-week journal comic, but I haven’t said anything because I didn’t want to promise something and not deliver. However, I’ve decide that I need some accountability if I’m ever going to get this idea off the ground.

Starting in April, I will be posting a journal comic once a week. It will go up on Sundays and I hope I can keep it up. We’ll see! Wish me luck.


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