Crab Cakes, Asparagus and Pasta

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This meal was SUPER easy to make. Our local grocery store carries these 5 packs of crab cakes that Mr. LL and I love. They are frozen and a little bit of time in the oven and they are delicious and good to go.

Lazy Lady

Crab cakes.

The asparagus is a dish I’m quite proud of and make for family get togethers…even though I never quite remember how exactly I cook it. Luckily they don’t take long any which way I’ve tried.

Lazy Lady

Cajun seasoning, extra virgin olive oil, pepper, garlic salt, rosemary sea salt.

These are the ingredients I use for the asparagus this time. But that is just because I ran out of Greek Seasoning. They still turned out tasty.

Lazy Lady

Love the colors.

Coat the asparagus with the olive oil and spices in a bowl (after you clean them and break off the bottom third of the stem).

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I then put them in the oven and broil them for 10 minutes. I THINK. This is the part I can never remember. Basically, I put them under the broiler and check on them constantly. I like the tips a little crispy and the stalks a bit tender.

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Pasta from a box.

The pasta is from a box of Pasta Roni mix. Parmesan angel hair or something.

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Very tasty!

And there you have it. A quick, easy dinner.


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