2013 Beard and Mustache National Finals in New Orleans

4c-Photo Bomb


Remember how I mentioned I got to judge the National Beard and Mustache finals last year? Here are the photos!

2013 USA Finals, Beard and Mustache Competion; at the House of Blues, New Orleans, LA.


I didn’t cook it: Taste of Tokyo

3-Lazy Cooking

The last Wednesday of every month, I’m going to share my favorite meal that I didn’t cook with you. I mean, let’s be honest with one another. The laziest form of cooking is to just pay someone to make your food.

I can’t believe it, but sushi wins again.

Mainly because the only other food we ate out was fast food. For Valentine’s Day, we ordered sushi take out from a restaurant we hadn’t tried yet, Taste of Tokyo. It was so good, we ordered take-out from there again the next week!

I’m sad to say that I once again did not take ANY photos. I need to get better at this, BUT it’s so tasty that I can’t seem to wait till I grab a camera and take photos before I stuff my face! On Valentine’s we ordered the Filet Mignon roll. It was good, but we agreed that we’d only get it again if we were eating at the restaurant. It really needed to be fresh and hot. I can’t wait to eat from this place again!

February 2014 Reading Review

2-Reading Is Sexy

I accidentally missed a Tuesday this month, but that’s ok. I’ll catch you all back up next month! No apparent theme this month, but then again, it’s only two books. The are both eBooks? That’s a connection. Sure.

Everflame by Dylan Lee Peters

I love the world Dylan Lee Peters creates in Everflame. It is full of magic and awe. I love that the main characters and society are bears. BEARS! Magical bears. That aspect reminds me of The Golden Compass. They find and raise a human child, and he ends up having to go on an epic quest to save his home, his friends and family, and every one. However, elsewhere, there is a man also on a journey, but he is much more sinister.

This is a free eBook for Kindle and the Kindle app.


Reading is Sexy | Lazy Lady

Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

My cousin, Jen, told me that she and her husband used a lot of the advice in this book to prepare them financially to buy a house. Mr. LL and I would like to buy a home before we start a family, so I figured I’d give this book a shot. We’ve been using the money envelope system in the book for a while now and it works so well! Of course, we adapted it to our needs and our habits; so if you read this book, just know that “our” system is a bit different from Ramsey’s, but the basic are there. It’s a good book and an interesting read. I still like America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right On The Money by Steve Economides, Annette Economides the best of all the financial planning books I’ve read, though.

This was also an eBook, but not a free one.


Do you have any suggestions? You can go back through the archives of Reading Is Sexy to see my other books or check out my profile on GoodReads.com

I need a vacation

1-Misc. Mondays

In light if dropping the ball last week,  it came to my attention that Mr. LL and I need to get away. I’m going to be SUPER busy all through March at work, and Mr. LL is doing extra work nights and on the weekends. We agreed that in order for us to save more money for eventually buying a house, one, if not both, of us needed to do extra work. However, I loathe freelance designing. I just do not do well with being my own boss and dealing with clients. So, to keep our partnership fair, we agreed that if he’s out there earning some extra money, I’ll work on keeping the apartment nice and clean. And so, if you know anything about me, cleaning on my weekends is just like going to work for me.

I just need a break. I’m going to really need a break after this past month and the one ahead. So, I went and requested a week off at the end of April/beginning of May. I want Mr.LL and I to finally take our honeymoon. We both REALLY want to go to Seattle, but I don’t think we’ll be able to afford it. So now we are just trying to figure out where to go.

I personally do not care where we go, so long as I can relax, feel slightly pampered and spend some romantic time with my husband. Or a lot of romantic time with my husband 😉 . Mr. LL has more requirements than I do, and it is making it very hard for me to plan a trip. NUMBER 1: No beaches. NUMBER 2: Somewhere he hasn’t been before. Just vague enough to make it hard on me. Sigh. I just want to get this tripped planned. I need a light at the end of this very busy tunnel.

Fail Friday

This is a super old journal comic I did years ago…but it holds true for me right now.

Hello, my lovely readers.

You may have noticed my absence on the blog this week. Do not fear! I’m not disappearing again! I just have been feeling on the verge of sick all week on top of having a SUPER CRAZY BUSY time at my work. Honestly, keeping sane and blowing my nose have been my main concerns for this week. I’ll be back next week though, promise.

Link Love: 02.13.14

4b-Link Love

A photographer and her daughter collaborate on the series Picture Me, Picture You.

Over at Part-Time Monster, Diana posted this AWESOME cover of Lorde’s Royals by Puddles Pity Party. (Warning: Clown)

People used to send super creepy Valentine’s Day cards to each other.

If you had to illustrate the female orgasm, in the abstract sense, would it look like this 1940’s representation?