January 2014 Reading Review

2-Reading Is Sexy

A lot of fantasy fiction this month, what can I say? I love the junk. It’s my guilty pleasure. These reviews aren’t going to be very in depth, I’m afraid. I am catching you up on the books I’ve read since I let the blog slip. I’m doing my best to remember them, but with the ones this month, they were pretty much fluff books. None of them will be “keepers” for me.

Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready

A young lady takes up a job marketing for a local radio station. She’s a bit of con-artist and finds her tricks an asset as she has to present the DJs of the radio station as vampires for a publicity stunt…except they really are vampires. It’s a funny, action packed vampire romance novel. If you like music history (not a whole lot), vampires, con artists, mysteries, cults, small town drama, and dash of awkward romance, you’d like this book

Blood Faerie by India Drummond

I actually remember this one pretty good. I really liked this one. It tells you about an outcast faerie and a mystery that threatens her sanctuary. There’s a slight romance element to the book, but it’s more like a magical inconvenience at times. I don’t want to to give a way too much.

Man, I need to find the second book in this series. Oh and this is also a free book on Kindle (or the Kindle app on your Apple product if you are like me).

Sora’s Quest by T.L. Shreffler

Nope. Don’t remember it. I liked it…I think. It’s a fantasy genre novel. I’m sure there was some kinda romance. It’s a series. And it was also free via on Amazon for Kindle download.

Sorry I dropped the ball on that last one. Do you have any suggestions? Fantasy/romance are not the only genre I like to read. I can just knock them out real fast and sometimes that makes me feel good about myself. You can go back through the archives of Reading Is Sexy to see my other books or check out my profile on GoodReads.com