Moustache Party 2014

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DnD, bitches!

(Today’s post is a little late because of life. Sorry.)

This year’s moustache party was a small affair. Basically I just made my DnD group wear staches long enough for me to snap photos of them. Lol.

Laura wasn’t able to make it, her tire fell off her car as she was driving in to the event. 😦

This post is kinda photo heavy but I don’t care. :p Enjoy!


Maile made a cookie cake! I don’t know where she found these awesome sugar staches, but she gave me a pack of my own!

A blurry pic of my figurine, dice and player sheet.

Mr. LL’s figurine that I got him for Xmas.

Germ and Mr. LL

Our gracious hosts.

And Maile! Whom I couldn’t seem to get a pic of when she wasn’t talking.

Last, but not least, Mr. LL and myself. :{D


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  1. We are back, thank God. I am starting to save any powerful meds for the end when I’m so confused. It sorta kinda is not funny. Loved your post; sorry I interrupted your game. Love you.


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