Awesome Blog Content Award AND Sunshine Blogger Award

ABC Award Sunshine-Award

I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I received an ABC Award and a Sunshine Blogger Award from Part Time Monster. I’d never had any blogger awards, an I am honored to be a recipient of not one, but two! Also, you should go over to Part Time Monster and check it out. I’ll be doing a monthly blog post over there starting this year.

There are a few requirements for the ABC award:

  1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
  2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers.
  3. Take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

There are also a few for the Sunshine Blogger:

  1. Nominate 10 other blogs
  2. Write 11 facts about yourself.

My nominations (required by both nominations) are:

Ready. Set. Simplify.

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Andrea Zuill’s Blog

Jamie Littler’s Illustration Blog

The Frugal Girl

Scathingly Brilliant

Runs For Cookies

Singing Bird

Goal of Losing

The Dainty Squid

Now for the hard part. So, here’s my shot at the ABCs of the Lazy Lady (and this is also well over 11 facts about myself).

A–Apples make me even hungrier than before I ate one. Also, I like apple pie better the next day.

B–I spent a good bit of my college years proclaiming “I AM A BANANA.” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look up “Rejected” by Don Hertzfeldt).

C–I have two cats, Tom and MeiMei, whom I love dearly…even though they are bad half the time.

Mr. Tom Collins

Mr. Tom Collins



D–Darrin is Mr. LL’s name. I love him. Most. 😉

E–Evelyn is my middle name. Everyone calls me Lyn and this is where that comes from. Lyn=short for Evelyn.

F–Family is very important to me.

My aunt, grandmother and mom.

My cousins Jen and Cody, my big brother and I.

G–Graphic Design is one of my biggest passions. I love what I do for a living.

H–Home is what we’re hunting for. I really hope Mr. LL and I get to buy a house in 2014.

I–I don’t like a lot of ice in my cold beverages.

J–January is the month of my birth. In fact, my birthday is next week!

K–Kindness is one of the top qualities a person can have in my book. Second to Patience but tied with Generosity.

L–The Little Prince will forever remind me of my mom.

M–I have a slight obsession with moustaches.

N–I really admire people who can do and maintain Nail Art. I can barely keep my nails shapely and clean.

O–October is my favorite month. I love Halloween. I met my hubby in October. We also had our first date in October.

P–I’m also slightly obsessed with Pinterest.

Q–I am still not sure how to pronounce “quinoa”.

R–Reading is one of my greatest pleasures. Give me a book and I’m good to go.

S–Steampunk is slowly becoming a fantasy genre that I gravitate towards.

T–I don’t have an Tattoos but Mr. LL’s big dream is to become a tattoo artist. If I ever get one, it will be by his hand.

U–Unashamed of my love for the local rappers/comedians Ballzack and Odoms.

V–I used to volunteer a decent amount. Always with animals.

W–I have spent many hours/days/months/years of my life playing World of Warcraft. I don’t play anymore but it’s always something I want to get back into, when I have the time and money.

X–I got my first X-Ray since I was a little kid last week. I’ve had a horrible cough that I just can’t seem to get rid of and they took an xray of my chest. All good from the xray. Still have the cough.

Y–Yellow looks really good on me.

Z–Zombies scare the ever-loving-crap out of me. I cannot watch zombie movies and I cannot watch The Walking Dead. Can’t do it. (And yes, I realize I just put a photo Mr. LL and I at Halloween with him as a zombie. I can deal with people dressed up as zombies and things like that, it’s the movies and tv shows I can’t handle. And I probably couldn’t handle one of those zombie 5Ks either.)


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