Food Waste Friday

5-Food Waste Fridays

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Food Waste Friday post. It’s not that I ever got better about my food waste, at least not consistently  it’s just that I got lazy about cleaning out my fridge/cabinets every week.

You’d think that as my frist FWF in forever, I would have pulled out all the stops. Well, I didn’t. My camera’s memory card is full and when you are dealing with spoiled food, you kinda just want to throw it out immediately.

So, no pics this week but I can tell you what we trashed. Earlier in the week we cleaned out the fridge a bit. We tossed the remnants of an Oreo Icebox Cake (I just made too much for just the two of us), some spoiled milk…a couple of spoiled milks actually, some moldy tortillas, some moldy bread, and a failed cake that you’ll see on the blog one of these Wednesdays.

That’s it for us. I hope you had a better FWF.


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