Call me “Master”

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

Call me

Pound o’ die. Not mine though. :\

So, I am a nerd. I’ve never pretended not to be. I love to read comic books & web comics, play video games, read science fiction and fantasy novels, and play D&D and Magic the Gathering. For a few years now, I’ve been playing a 3.5 edition D&D game with my friends who live along the Gulf coast (or close enough, we have MS, LA and AL covered). We don’t get to play very often and every time we finish up a night of playing, I spend weeks wanting more.

Call me

The 3.5 edition crew, minus TGF (this was before we started dating) and myself, of course, because I’m taking the photo.

TGF started playing with us once we started getting more serious with our relationship. Then we introduced his friends to the world of D&D with the hopes that we could start a game more locally. They were down, and since I was the one in the group with the most experience with D&D, I naturally took on the role of Dungeon Master.

Call Me

Our adventurers’ journey began on a boat, but they were attacked by PIRATES!! Muwhahahahahaha.

Anyway, I decided to test out the 5th Edition Beta pack for our local game. A couple of weekends ago, we had our first chance to sit down and play. It was fun! I was a little stressed being the DM. I had so many NPCs with them, and so many monsters that I had to roll a lot while the three players waited (not so patiently) for their turns in combat. I’m still not sure about some rules, and I can’t remember why they wrote things where they did on their player sheets (even though I more than likely told them to write them there), but I just went with it and played it off like I knew what I was doing.

Call Me

Oh no! Shipwrecked! Ha ha. Btw, the king cake baby, Green Lantern ring and warrior figure are my players’ markers. None of them represent what their characters actually look like, which I find quite amusing.

TGF’s friends seemed into it, I’ll need to work on my DMing skills though.  I really wish we had a real table and chairs set-up to play on, but one day we might.

This weekend, TGF and I are off to see the 3.5 gang for another game. I’m going to be asking our DM a lot of questions, I can already tell.


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