I didn’t realize how much I liked to make necklaces

or "cursing while using glitter"

I am seeing a lot of necklaces in my PtC archives. Hmmm. Oh well. Here’s another one!

Lighthouse necklace | Lazy Lady

A quick look at the supplies I used. Not pictured is a pair of scissors.

I used some black hemp twine, a lovely lighthouse pendant I found, and a kit of jewelry bits and pieces (found at your local craft store). I didn’t know where any of my jewelry tools were, so I made this necklace with my hands and a pair of scissors.

Lighthouse necklace | Lazy Lady

Need to be able to attach the pendant to the hemp, right?

First, I took a loop connector and attached it to the pendant. I just used my hands to open and close this piece, it wasn’t that difficult.

Lighthouse Necklace | Lazy Lady

Hey, it’s almost a necklace!!

I measured a length of hemp around my neck and the strung the pendant on to it. I cut the hemp a little longer than where I wanted it to sit because I knew I’d need to trim it down a little later.

Lighthouse Necklace | Lazy Lady

Necessary evils.

Next, I attached these guys to the ends of my hemp. It closes off the string and provides a place for the clasps to be attached. These were a pain to put on without any tools. I had to use my scissors because there is just no way I could do this with just my hands. Too small and too awkward to grasp.

Lighthouse Necklace | Lazy Lady

Clasp time.

Attaching the clasp pieces was fairly easy. The connecting loops were a bit harder to open and close than the pendant one, but the scissors helped out again!

Lighthouse Necklace | Lazy Lady

Ta da!

And there you have it! A necklace made without any special tools!