Chicken, Broccoli, Velvetta Shells & Cheese

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

Chicken Broccoli Velveeta Shells and Cheese | Lazy Lady

Looks good. Tastes not so good.

My mom gave me a family sized box of Velveeta shells and cheese because her partner is all anti-chemical food stuffs. I totally respect that, but I love me some shells and cheese. However, TGF and I are trying to be a bit better with our food choices (ignore the THREE slices of pepperoni pizza I had for lunch on Monday), so I wanted to incorporate veggies in our cheese-coma-to-come.

We made the pasta (TGF accidentally dumped half of it while draining it, poor guy–I didn’t mind because we would have totally gorged ourselves on the massive amount the family size box made) and then added in about two cups of shredded leftover chicken and some broccoli florets.

It was…not good. We definitely needed to have steamed the broccoli or something before just tossing it in the dish. I was so sad at how icky the whole thing tasted. Oh well. Lesson learned. :/