Free Books (P.S.-don’t get too excited, this is not a giveaway)


I tried to make the title of this post as un-misleading (it’s a word now!) as possible. I’ve been dancing in between books and I wanted to just share with you an app that’s made my life a treat.

TGF got me an iPad for Yule and the Free Books app was one of the first things I downloaded. It has over 20,000 classics of literature in it. All of which are completely FREE!!

It’s basic addition, really.

I love reading. + I love free things. = Free Books is an AMAZING app.

I’m going to post a link to it’s page in the iTunes store so if you have app capabilities, you too can enjoy this app.

Do you have any favorite reading apps?

Free Books – 23,469 classic to go

(This is not a paid review or anything of the sort. I just genuinely love this app. I wish iTunes/Apple would pay me to review stuff like this. Or anyone for that matter, ha! But even if they did, the opinion would still be 100% my own.)