Dropping the ball

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

Wow. So last week. Man, I don’t know what happened there. I had so decent content planned for last week, but never got around to finishing any of the posts (except the Reading Review, of course).

I was planning on doing a 5K on Friday, Jan. 25th, and blog about it last Monday; but life got in the way of that happening. I couldn’t do the 5K in the morning before work  (it was a virtual 5K by Runs for Cookies, one of my favorite blogs) so I was planning to do it after work. Well, I ended up having to work late. Then I had to pick up TGF after work. And then we were both starving. By the time we finished dinner it was almost 10pm and I just gave up on the run.

For Wednesday-Fridays posts, well, that was just straight up forgetfulness on my part. I was doing so well getting content set-up ahead to post that I just assumed I had done so for last week. Nope! Oh well, nothing to do about it now. Just trying to get back into the grove and keep weeks like that a rare occurrence!