Planning in 2013

or "cursing while using glitter"

Blog Planner via Lazy Lady

Last September, I posted about my Blog Planner for 2012 (or what was left of it when I made that planner). Well I just thought I’d show you the one I made for 2013. It is mostly the same but I made some minor adjustments.

A look at the month and weekly planning.

For the weekly posts, I just made Monday thru Friday calendars for the months. I don’t often post on the weekends and this way I could make the days the same size as small Post-Its (meaning that I won’t have to trim them down anymore). That “Oops” last Thursday was because this post was meant to go up then. But I forgot to take photos and forgot the post all together. It was my birthday on the 16th, so I didn’t beat myself too much over it.

The “Ideas” pages are still around.

I still have an “Ideas” section, and moved over some ideas that I didn’t get around to in 2012.

Simplified the “To-Do” section. I rarely looked at this part in the last planner.

I got rid of the Weekly To-Dos and instead have Monthly To-Dos. What blogs need to be written, what photos need to be taken, etc.

This will be an ongoing project for me, as long as I have this (or I guess any) blog. I am sure I’ll always think of better ways to organize my blog planning. I wonder what the 2014 planner will have?