Tortilla Chips

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

I was trying to help TGF and I eat a little healthier, and so I got us some corn tortillas to make salad wraps. Corn tortillas are supposed to be a bit better than flour ones…I think. Anyway, the ONLY corn tortillas our favorite grocery store had were…gross. They were supposed to be “extra healthy” with some crap added in them (like fiber and what not) but they just tasted gross.

So they sat in the kitchen, no one wanting to eat them.

Then one night, desperate for something salty and snacky, TGF decided he knew just what to do with these “healthy” tortillas. Fry ’em up in oil and make tortilla chips.

TGF even made little strips so we could put them on our salads we made that night. So it wasn’t ALL completely unhealthy. Maybe. Sorta.

So, there went the “healthy” attempt, but the chips were pretty good!