It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

Last week I shared with you the Lingerie/Bachelorette party my friend, Maile, and I threw my best friend Annie. This week I’m telling you about the wedding! It was on Saturday, January 5th and it was beautiful.

Annie backstage, anxiously and beautifully waiting for the whole thing to begin.

Annie looked amazing in her custom made gown. The ceremony was nice (although having the nativity set up was a bit off putting, but what can you do? The church said they couldn’t remove it for the wedding) and reception was lovely.

The Friday before the wedding, TGF and I drove over there for the rehearsal and set-up. The rehearsal was confusing but I think the wedding went ok despite the wedding planner lady. 😉

Then we stayed at the church till midnight setting everything up for the reception. I was SO tired when we got back to Annie’s. I don’t know if was nerves or what, but I didn’t sleep well that night, despite the weariness in my bones.

The next morning, Annie’s make-up artist came to her apartment and did Annie’s make-up. It was beautiful. Then Maile, Annie and I head out to the salon. TGF came too, but he left us to go explore some shops around the area instead of sitting in the salon. Annie and Maile had their hair done and I had my nails done (we all three were supposed to get our nails done Friday before the rehearsal, but TGF didn’t get off work in time). Then it was off to the church.

We piddled about for a bit because we got their earlier than we had told them to expect us. We could only get into the reception area and not the church where we needed to be to change and get ready.

Getting ready was an adventure for me. I forgot my spanx at Annie’s! TGF sped back to her apartment to get them for me. Gotta love the man! But other than that, it was a lot of just anxiety and laughter. Then it was show time!

TGF snapped pix for me during the wedding.

It was a long Catholic ceremony, but not a full mass (thank goodness!). The wedding planner lady told me that as maid of honor, I had to go down from the altar to where Annie and Daniel were kneeling and fluff out her dress EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. she knelt. Which was a lot of times. Oh well. I didn’t mind. I was just worried that I was going to fall on the steps.

The reception is a blur. They had a moon photo booth set up and I cannot wait to see the pictures from that! I took a lot. >.> Annie and Daniel were all over the place talking to everyone. TGF and I mostly stuck together. We danced one song together.

TGF and I at the reception.

Then we sent them off with wands and bubbles. The bridal party and all our friends then got together at the hotel most everyone was staying at and had a little after party. Annie and Daniel came to it after they had a chance to decompress in their new place. I was so tired though, and TGF too, that we decided to bow out early and drive back home.

Hotel after party! Sorry the pic is kinda crappy. I was tired and it was dark.

It was a wonderful wedding though. I am so excited for my friends, Annie and Daniel, to start on this new chapter in their lives.