Pretending to Craft Rewind: Plastic Bag Bows

or "cursing while using glitter"

This was originally post 12/1/11 and reposted to help you with your Holiday crafting!

I found a blog a few years ago that had a tutorial on how to make these bows out of plastic shopping bags. I would love to link you to the “real” tutorial but sadly, I don’t know where it is anymore. Once I learned how, this became a skill that has stuck with me. In fact, I haven’t purchased a bow since. So, here is my sad excuse for a tutorial on how to make bows out of plastic bags.

Ok, grab a plastic bag. Grocery and Target/Wal-Mart bags actually work better than clothing store bags, in my opinion.
To start, cut off the handles and the bottom seam. Then cut along the side “seams” (most of the time it is just a crease) and you’ll get two rectangular shapes. They don’t have to be perfect or even the same size.
I drew you a diagram of how to cut each rectangle. Basically it is a rectangular spiral. The goal is to end up with two long strands of plastic bag.
Like this.
Next, wrap one strand around your fingers, then wrap the other one over that.
Now, take the bottom seam you cut off the bag and tie it around the strands you wrapped. Make sure the “closed” ends are out…if that makes sense. (cough cough–I finished the Old Navy Bag bow and then realized I forgot to photograph some important steps, so I started another bow)
Take your scissors and work them into the thing so you can cut the “closed” ends on both sides (sorry for the blurry pic).
Fluff the ends out so it gets all poofy.
Trim up the poof to your liking.
Finally, put that shit on a present.

And there you have it! Sorry this went up kind of late today, but I’m going to try to have a new Xmas related craft project up every week before Xmas. Try being the operative word.