December’s Reading Review


Growgirl: Once Upon a Time She Made The Blair Witch Project. Then She Went to Pot. Literally. by Heather Donahue

Grow Girl by Heather Donahue

This is a real read. By that I mean, Heather Donahue does not hold back anything as she tells us about life after Blair Witch and her change of careers to become a pot farmer. I found it an interesting look into the “community” of growers she joins and their “ways” of doing things. The farming aspect, sure, but also how they live their lives and the kind of hypocritical lifestyles they lead. It’s a good book and I’m glad my coworker recommended it and let me borrow her copy to read.

Well, that’s the last review of 2012. I hope to read many wonderful and/or interesting things next year!