Holidays Week 9…and 10 & 11

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

As you may recall, I made a Holiday Planner and each week I have given myself a short to-do list to complete.

Here is a review of last week’s list:

Sammy’s birthday present came in just time for me to give it to him on his actual birthday. He was too busy to celebrate on the day of, so the family got together Saturday to go out to eat. We had a good time.

My Kringle gifts are so ready to go, it’s great.

Stockings are hung and have little treats in them!

All MY gifts are wrapped and under the tree! TGF still has to do almost ALL his shopping, heh.

I had also added two more “to-dos” on my list: bake cookies to mail and mail all my packages. I did both without a hitch.

Here’s what’s up for this week:

  • Last minute gift shopping
  • Holiday Baking
  • Finish wrapping
  • And I added Complete making gifts

Aside from the baking, the rest are pretty much done. I do have to put labels on my office gifts and the cookie gifts once they are baked, but that’s it.

I’ll probably help TGF wrap gifts.

Oh goodness. Making gifts. I need to sit down and do this. :/

I’ll be taking off from the blogging for the holidays, so I’m going to go over Week’s 10 & 11 today too.

To-do for Week #10:

  • Prepare office party dish (I have NO IDEA what I’m going to bring)
  • Record office gifts for Thank You cards (next Monday I’ll be getting gifts, pretty self explanatory)
  • Write Thank You cards (after the 25th, of course)
  • Make New Year’s Eve plans (probably won’t have any “real” plans beyond ringing in the NY with TGF)
  • I’ll also be hosting Annie’s bachelorette party during this week!

To-do for Week #11:

  • New Year’s (see above)
  • Pack for wedding (Annie’s getting married!)
  • Take down Yule decorations (um…I don’t have high hopes for this ACTUALLY happening)