Holidays Week 8

or you could call it "Lyn wanted a day to just ramble"

As you may recall, I made a Holiday Planner and each week I have given myself a short to-do list to complete.

Here is a review of last week’s list:

Sorry this post is a bit late!

Yeah, the “gift exchange” thing was something I have no clue what I was thinking about when I put it on my list. Whatever.

There are some presents wrapped up under my tree!

My Kringle gifts are scheduled and mostly ready to go!

Here’s what’s up for this week:

  • Sammy’s Birthday!
  • Plan Kringle Gifts!
  • Stocking stuffer shopping
  • Wrap gifts

It’s my big brother’s birthday this week, so that one is a personal check off for me.

My Kringle gifts are already planned. So ahead of that game.

Still have a few stocking stuffers I could get plus the last little bits of presents.

Yay! More wrapping! 😀