Pretending to Craft Rewind: Pinecone Necklaces

or "cursing while using glitter"

This was originally post 12/29/11 and reposted to help you with your Holiday crafting!

I couldn’t post these handmade x-mas gifts on here till now because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for the recipients. I made my mom, aunt and grandmother long chained, pine cone necklaces. The three of them own a tree farm and the logo is pine cones, so I felt it fitting.

I actually took photos of the whole process–but since I had to continually hold on to what I was working on, working the camera became a difficult challenge (I should have waited till Gentleman Friend came over so he could help, but I get impatient sometimes).

Here’s what I used though:

  • Two pairs of needle nose pliers (one was specifically for jewelry making, the other came out of my tool box)
  • One super long chain that I broke up into three equal lengths for the necklaces
  • Three pine cone charms
  • Eye pins
  • Circle attachments
  • Lobster claw closures

And while I don’t have a pic of the process, I do have one photo that was usable from the whole thing, so here it is.

Hope you all had a great holiday! Post in the comments if you made any crafty presents, I’d love to find out what other crafts people made to give.