Lazy Cooking Rewind: Cheese Ball

open package; put in microwave; heat; eat

This was originally post 11/16/11 and reposted to help you prepare for Holiday parties!

Couple of Friday nights ago, I went to a girls’ night at my friend/neighbor/landlord’s place. She provided the booze and just asked us to bring food stuffs if we wanted (she’s an excellent hostess). So I decided to make a cheese ball.


It is a terribly southern lady thing to do, making and bringing a cheese ball to a gathering, but this was my first time making one. I think it turned out pretty good, could have used some more seasoning in my opinion but still tasty. Everyone liked it and most were impressed that I made it (oh and I brought some crackers to go with it).

Here’s a link to the recipe I followed over all Cheese balls like this are SUPER easy to make.